Our History


The Early Days

Roll back the clock to the post-World War II era…the early fifties… and you’ll find Sadie Koury in her tiny little Albuquerque restaurant at the corner of Second Street and Osuna. She’s serving authentic New Mexican cuisine to people she loves…and people who love her.

She arrives at 5:30 am each weekday morning, with truckers already parked and waiting for her to open. With only nine stools for seating, her customers were accustomed to standing room only. But that Hamburger Stand didn’t stop them from coming…and coming…and coming! “Hi, honey!” was her greeting and they filed in. Somehow, she remembered each and every one of them, and knew exactly how they liked their meals prepared.

sadieshistorymuralsToday, you can “see” the Sadie’s original restaurant at Sadie’s on Fourth. The building is depicted in a wall mural painted by Rembrandt Design on the south side of our main dining room.

Growing in the community

For many years, Sadie’s “shadow” was her much younger sister, Betty-Jo, who loved Sid’s Last Stand and embraced the business as much as Sadie. In the early seventies, Sadie and Betty-Jo moved the restaurant next door to the Lark Bar on Second Street. The move allowed them to seat up to 35 guests, but even with the additional seating, word continued to spread, and the standing room only tradition continued as well.

sadies4thinteriorSadie retired in 1975, leaving Betty-Jo and husband Bob Stafford to carry on Sadie’s passion for excellence. Needing more space, Betty-Jo and Bob moved Sadie’s to the Valley Bowl on Fourth Street (where Billy and Brian worked as kids!). The restaurant’s reputation for exceptionally hot chile and large portions quickly spread, causing the dining room’s 120 seat capacity to overflow nightly.

It was with great excitement that, in 1990, we broke ground at Sadie’s on Fourth. If only Sadie could see us now! Bob was instrumental in moving the restaurant to the Fourth Street location, with a comfortable lounge…a banquet room for large parties…a spacious bar and a beautiful large covered patio with fountains and greenery.

Serving all of Albuquerque

Our newest location, Sadie’s on Academy opened in June 2013.

After sixty years, exceptional food and standing room only is still the tradition at Sadie’s. We thank all of you who have graced our restaurants over the years, and we welcome old friends and new to enjoy all that is Sadie’s.

Buen Apetito!