Authentic New Mexican Food for Over 70 Years

If you’re looking for a mouth-watering experience, then come to Sadie’s! We’ve been serving up hot, heavenly plates made with the distinctive flavors of true New Mexican cuisine for over 70 years. What began as the owner’s zest for good food and friendly service, flourished into a family-owned business that’s known far and wide for its spicy dishes, exceptional staff, and of course, our incredible salsa!

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Our Salsa

There’s no denying - once you have a taste of Sadie’s Salsa, you’ll never turn back to other store-bought brands again! Whether you like it hot (or not!) you’ll get the same bold flavor in every jar. Made only with New Mexico’s finest Hatch green chiles and jalapeños, our salsas can add that authentic New Mexican flare to any dish or be enjoyed on its own!

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